Coilies All Natural Lemon Deodorant – Product Review.

Coilies All Natural Lemon Deodorant – Product Review   With only 4 natural ingredients, Coilies All Natural Deodorant needs to be tried to be believed. Applying the Coilies Approach of Safety, Efficacy, Simplicity and Affordability, Coilies All Natural Deodorant contains only Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Lemon Essential Oil. Beeswax for binding and stabilization […]

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What’s in commercial products?

What’s in your products? Do you know the active ingredients? What they do? How they work? Their levels of toxicity, if any? Take sodium laureth sulfate, for example, a common ingredient in shampoos (usually the second ingredient after water). It is an effective surfactant, which means that it helps dissolve oils into water. However, it is […]

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